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Information Technology products and services are an increasingly critical component of business value creation.  The reality for many organizations, however, it is a complex and fragmented IT infrastructure, inconsistent or incompatible development projects, and inwardly focused support services.  Allied aims to address such problems with a clear vision sharply focused on maximizing clients’ efficiency and security.  This we achieve by providing the client with the latest in relevant up-to-date innovative solutions, cybersecurity services and training, on a continuous basis, and in a manner that keeps the client abreast of the vastly changing business environment, and rapidly advancing techniques.

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The Path to Success

Cybersecurity by definition is the body of technologies, processes and practices designed to protect networks, computers, programs and data from attack, damage or unauthorized access.



A Comprehensive Approach

Protection for all people residing in or visiting a country is of paramount importance to government, intelligence and law enforcement agencies that have been entrusted with ensuring the safety of its people, in all spheres of life.



Expert Guidance

The Academy specializes in professional development in a variety of cyber and national security arenas.  Our award winning team of instructors assist in certifying all of our members with the highest standards. All graduating members our certified with both International and American certifications.

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Draw on knowledge of and experience with project management (PM) methodologies: SLDC, Waterfall, Iterative, Agile, Mohday; support reporting, analytics and metrics using MS Office and other reporting tools (e.g., Excel, SQL, Tableau, PPT); business tools (MS Office, Visio, SharePoint, Teams, etc.); IT or cyber security Project and Program Management; Microsoft Project Server; knowledge of technology risk (threats and vulnerabilities) to critical infrastructure sectors such as energy, telecom, defense, financial services, etc. to perform the following duties:

  • Plan, initiate, and manage medium to complex information technology (IT) projects across multiple platforms and matrixed teams.. 

  • Lead and guide the work of technical staff. 

  • Serve as liaison between business and technical aspects of projects. 

  • Plan project stages and assess business implications for each stage. 

  • Monitor progress to assure deadlines, standards, and cost targets are met.

  • Ensure compliance with company project management policies and standards.

  • Manage project execution to ensure adherence to budget, schedule, and scope.

  • Confer with project personnel to identify and resolve problems.

  • Monitor or track project milestones and deliverables.

  • Submit project deliverables, ensuring adherence to quality standards.

  • Assess current or future customer needs and priorities by communicating directly with customers, conducting surveys, or other methods.

  • Initiate, review, or approve modifications to project plans.

  • Schedule and facilitate meetings related to information technology projects.

  • Direct or coordinate activities of project personnel.

  • Develop implementation plans that include analyses such as cost-benefit or return on investment (ROI).

  • Identify need for initial or supplemental project resources.

  • Develop or update project plans for information technology projects including information such as project objectives, technologies, systems, information specifications, schedules, funding, and staffing.

  • Perform risk assessments to develop response strategies.

  • Prepare project status reports by collecting, analyzing, and summarizing information and trends.

  • Identify, review, or select vendors or consultants to meet project needs.

  • Develop and manage annual budgets for information technology projects.

  • Establish and execute a project communication plan.

  • Develop and manage work breakdown structure (WBS) of information technology projects.

  • Monitor the performance of project team members, providing and documenting performance feedback.

  • Coordinate recruitment or selection of project personnel.

  • Assign duties, responsibilities, and spans of authority to project personnel.

  • Negotiate with project stakeholders or suppliers to obtain resources or materials.

  • Demonstrate ability to drive results, solve problems and adapt to change.

Requirements: Bachelor’s degree (of foreign equivalent) in Computer Engineering, Computer Science or a related field and five (5) years of experience reflecting demonstrable ability in the skill set described above.





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