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VALHALLA KNIGHTS | Cybersecurity Services Team

Cybersecurity Services many users as possible!

  1. Password protection Single Sign On SSO

  2. Multi Authentication solutions and services

  3. Penetration testing

  4. Vulnerability testing

  5. Threat Intelligence

  6. Platform managed Security Operations Center

  7. Security Awareness Training Log Collection

  8. User’s behavior analysis

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The Cutting Edge


Strength through Security.

CyberSecurity: Services
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Expert Guidance


Allied focuses on providing Cybersecurity and Defense solutions to governments and small to large sized companies. We do this by providing our products and services to solve the current cybersecurity problems. Our vast network includes major service providers and direct relationships.


A Comprehensive Approach


Allied draws on a vast, highly specialized, and motivated proprietary network of companies to provide solutions across the spectrum of the various aspects of IT and security. Allied’s software and coding capabilities meet European and American design and specification standards. We can conduct assessment of the business environment, establish reasonable security policies and procedures, provide quick evaluation on the network environment, and identify possible intrusion, provide simulation to the current environment to identify the possible weaknesses that might encourage hackers to get to the business, and provide quantification to the possible attack cost vs. the investment cost


Horus Shield


It is introducing your new insurance policy (disclaimer: not an actual insurance policy). HORUS is a data-centric security and transparency platform at its core, but manifestly it is much more. By understanding that the most significant remaining gap in the network and data security model is in the data itself, Allied created HORUS to fill that gap. Built from the data up to be a highly active last line of defense - this is a CISO’s platform – designed with you in mind. While feature-rich and results-driven, it is the platform that does the heavy lifting, leaving you with peace of mind and time to focus on other tasks.

Computer Store

A Comprehensive Approach


Our Solution is an intelligent "Insights & Actions " platform capable of parsing a rapid supply of real-time and near real-time high value information to clients in Financial services and Cyber security sectors.  With algorithmic and neural network analysis at its core, the AI solution is not just a drag and drop / plug and play platform for the mass market, but a rapid development base for targeted bespoke Insights and Alerts including:

  • Multiple document warehouses each having different strengths (MongoDB, ElasticSearch, Neo4J

  • Custom dictionary based tagging

  • Connected entity list based analysis

  • Neural Net based classification of employee behaviour

  • Live tracking of social media influencers

  • Monitoring of sites and conversion into structured data

  • Custom alerts

  • Mobile notifications

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